5 Signs That Your Health is Declining

Health is Declining

If you are worried about your health, do not ignore these signs because that's the warning signals your health is declining.

Listless, tired easily 

If enough sleep, your body is still operating normally leave you feeling tired, which means your body is  deficient in vitamin  B12. Symptoms usually appear in people who ate little more animal protein. This is the most obvious signs prove your health is declining. 

Eating Solution:  Each day drinking 2 glasses of skim milk or yogurt, eat about 100g of lean meat. Also, can add 500-1.000mg vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 rich foods including fish, clams, scallops, oysters, pork, chicken, beef ... 
Iodine and magnesium can regulate metabolism, improve fatigue. You can add iodine, magnesium from foods such as seafood, shellfish, seaweed, algae ... Also, frequent alcohol or diuretics, slimming easier in the long run cause magnesium levels in the body could drop too low ... So you should avoid this bad habit.

tired easily

High blood pressure 

If you frequent  hypertension  , then that is your body is missing nutrients. Diet deficient in potassium, salt will lose fluid balance in the body, damaging blood vessels, which increases blood pressure. 

Eating Solution:  Every day is not too 6gr salt load in the body. In addition, the sodium content in processed foods is very high, so best to eat, load more fresh and natural foods. 
Adding the potassium-rich food such as nuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, garlic turkey, spinach, red spinach, celery, mushrooms needles, jujube, black apple ... will be good for your blood pressure and prevent heart disease. 
should use beans a substitute for meat, both can reduce the amount of animal fat, may have enhanced fiber. Eat whole grain legumes such as soup unprocessed soybeans, soybean meal ... 
Also, you should refrain from eating cold food. Too salty, too cold can cause poor blood circulation going, can add seaweed and celery help lower blood pressure.

Joint pain 

Except arthritis and injuries due to exercise if you have arthritis or should do blood tests to be able to immediately diagnose the joint pain can be caused by deficiency of the trace elements and manganese cause or not. 

Eating Solution:  The cause joint pain mostly due to osteoarthritis. So, you should eat more of their food as the onion, shallots, garlic, leeks because they contain lots of diallyl disulfide, can inhibit the enzyme causing damage to cartilage, the protective cartilage. 
Also, eat more beef, spinach, and dried fruits. The use of food can not fully provide the needs of the body of copper and manganese. Therefore, the best day so additional 2mg and 5mg of manganese copper. 2-3 months after the joint pain condition can be reduced.

Hair Loss 

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon of the body, it begins to show signs of  aging . In addition, hair loss, graying is a sign outside of the body that you have a problem, just as good regulate hormone in the body, blood gas balancing supplements can ensure healthy hair growth .  

Eating Solution:  Eat foods that have a variety of colors such as tomatoes, watermelon ... because they contain a lot of important minerals. Lycopene and anthocyamin (a powerful antioxidant chemicals) found in orange foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes ... will make hair healthy. 

Decreased vision 

acuity reduction is also a common sign of aging. In addition to routine eye checks, changing diets are also effective.  

Eating Solution:  Please increase consumption of oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna ...) and lutein (which in cabbage, spinach, lettuce, pumpkin ...). Research shows that people who eat a lot of food in the less affected by macular degeneration due to age, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly.  
According to Oriental medicine, cat apple, carrot, papaya and mulberry ... are foods that can  protect vision  possible.
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