Arnold Schwarzenegger Never be afraid to dream!

Actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger policy recently turned 65. In August, the Russian premiere of one of the last films Iron Arnie - "The Expendables 2".

Simple Austrian guy

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 in the Austrian village of Thal. His father was in the military, and after the Second World War, he worked the chief of the local police. Arnie initially very fond of football, but at age 14, chose the gym and began his brilliant career bodybuilder. He had a hard time, but persistence and perseverance made his case.
Then there was an active duty service in the Army, where the future Terminator served for a year, getting a mechanic tank driver. It was then that he began a series of big victories at competitions in bodybuilding. After the army in 1966, he moved to Munich and took a job at a fitness club. In 1966, Arnold took second place in the competition "Mr. Universe" in London, giving the American Shetu Yortonu, but in 1967 he rescued the title.
At age 21, Arnold arrives "in a country where all dreams come true." In America, he went with high hopes and a fair amount of concern - by his own admission, at the time he had a poor command of English and spoke with a monstrous accent, which made it very difficult. "This is funny to remember - says the actor. - But a few years I was in the States illegally, in violation of every conceivable visa rules and laws. When, in 1983, I finally became a citizen, my happiness knew no bounds! "  Path to Olympus bodybuilding was not strewn with rose petals. These were endless, system and exhausting workout. In Los Angeles, Schwarzenegger training at Gold's Gym club under the legendary Joe Weider, and in 1970 he won the most prestigious bodybuilding contest "Mr. Olympia" in New York, becoming the youngest winner of this competition in its history. "Steroids? Yeah, I do not deny that there was a time when I used them. But I want to warn all young athletes not to repeat my mistakes. "

Life as a Movie

In the movie, Schwarzenegger began acting in 1970. His first film audience took a very low profile. Success came to him after the movie "Conan the Barbarian." Teenage boys papered with posters of Conan the Barbarian and its rooms filled gyms. In a scenario - in demand epic story of revenge killer's son matured parents. Critics smashed to smithereens Arnie acting ability, but on the success of a picture of an ordinary viewer are not affected. Two years later came the continuation of the painting - "Conan the Destroyer."
arnold Life as a Movie
Mega popular Arnold brought the action movie "The Terminator" (1984). The iconic role of cyborg James Cameron is associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, even those who have never seen the movie "Terminator" and its many sequels. In the first tape of the adventures of the hero Schwarzenegger's Terminator is very, very bad, and in the second series by fantasy writers he is just the same guardian angel of humanity - though an angel greater destructive power.  But perhaps the most touching of the "killer" roles - in "Commando", which was a record for the number of dead in the frame (about 90 people). Arnie plays Colonel John Metriksa, ex-Special Forces soldier, who had gone to bed after a stormy career. John - a widower, who single-handedly raising a cute teenage daughter Jenny. As soon as the angelic child appears in the frame, its kidnapping villains - and do not need to be a connoisseur of drama to realize that dad John quickly, skillfully and kinogenichno tear for her everything that creeps on the American flag.
American flag.
In the movie "Red Heat" (1988), who, after the collapse of the Soviet Union to the holes was clobbered in the video room and called Homeric laughter in the former Soviet space, Schwarzenegger plays a worker Soviet law enforcement agencies in the "wrong" form, with the wrong accent, with uncharacteristic ordinary Soviet policeman habits, with the name taken from a romantic story of Gorky. Caricature, in fact, the character struggles with Soviet and foreign drug traffickers, accompanied by their American colleagues. The name in the domestic box office - "Red Heat" - another oddity, this time from the translators: slang for «heat», among other things, means "police, police", so that in fact the film should be called "red element."  I must say that almost all the roles Schwarzenegger predictable - and it's not a special acting talent (which, according to most critics, with Arnie was not spun), but rather in the role. Who else could be in the movie man whose biceps girth is 56 cm? ..

"The governor of the Barbarian"
So the opposition dubbed Schwarzenegger when he was elected governor of California Republican Party. He became the 38th governor of this state, and the first governor of the state who were born outside the United States. And even after the formal election to the post of his life is not much different from that of the hero of many militants, in which he starred. Detractors on alert and deployed against the Iron Arnie campaign compromising. He was accused of corruption and drug addiction and immorality. In 2006, however this did not prevent him re-elected governor for a second term.
arnold The governor of the Barbarian
After eight years in politics Schwarzenegger returned to the cinema. Last spring, the actor starred in the film "The Expendables 2", the world premiere of which is scheduled for August. In January 2013 the screens to be released film "The Last Stand" director Ji-Won Kim, in which Schwarzenegger starring sheriff who chases the leader of Mexican drug traffickers.  "I sometimes think," I am 65 years old. Maybe enough to hang around the screen with a grenade launcher in your hand? "One of my friends said," When I looked at the 66-year-old Harrison Ford, who rides through the jungle in the form of Indiana Jones, I wanted to call him a doctor. " But in Hollywood, think differently. Some people believe that people are living longer, the number of elderly citizens of our planet is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's time to focus on the gray audience. I wonder if we will soon see a movie about retiring superheroes. But I'm not quite sure about that image in "Terminator 5." (Laughs) Can you imagine the ancient model of the car-killer - polysevshy, mumbled a robot in a wheelchair. But in the armrests - machine guns! "

Personal life is not discussed

About his personal life actor prefers not to spread, although the beginning of his career in bodybuilding rumors of his most incredible adventures goes. He has been compared almost to King Solomon, who had the "virgins and concubines without number."
arnold Personal life is not discussed
April 26, 1986 Iron Arnie engaged to journalist Maria Shriver, who, by the way, is the niece of President Kennedy. Mary was a fan of the art of Arnold and never missed one of his competitions. It for a while and she has been in this sport. Their wedding was preceded by a test of strength: the couple met in 1977, but a year later the relationship to "freeze."
Personal life is not discussed
Arnold has a new passion, then the next. Schwarzenegger was very popular among women, and short stories have happened in his life very often. However, he took down the aisle is Mary. Magnificent wedding took place in Massachusetts. Since then, the couple has been inseparable. Mary fully shares the interests of her husband, and their family reigned love and understanding. In marriage were born four children - two boys and two girls.
But May 10, 2011 Sound of Thunder: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced their divorce. The reason was the betrayal of Arnold 10 years ago. As a result of careless movement Arnie was born of man child maids. The similarity with the biological father was, as they say, is there, and Mary did not stop the fact that time has flown a lot. "Do not lie time", - she said the press through his lawyers.  The divorce, as well as his personal life at all, Schwarzenegger does not apply. Well, this is quite a man. But the question, "Is it easy to be Arnold Schwarzenegger?" He says with a laugh: "It is easier to light! Required only to be born in a village in the Austrian peasant family - and read, it's done. You think I'm kidding? Nothing like that. People who are swimming in cash from his childhood, rarely tend to something. But we cannot stop there. I have great things going when I shook the muscles, and I said, "You have reached the pinnacle of his career." Then I did a movie and heard: "It is better and cannot be." But I was elected governor of California. But my father saw a farmer. "Your life will be held in the country", - he said. I know people who lived next door - they had dreams and aspirations. And they still take away the cows dung. So, never be afraid to dream! "

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